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Multiple shoulder fracture recovery thanks acupuncture and Chinese herbs

“Finding myself recovering from a multiple shoulder fracture after a hiking accident month’s time, after one session with Ling Na, I went from sleeping 2-3 hours before waking up in pain to nearly 5 hours. Now, after just a few weeks, I’ve regained normal sleep, and the pain from my injury lessened right away. I’m impressed (as are my surgeon and physical therapist) with my rapid recovery since Ling Na began improving my circulation through her gentle acupuncture and Chinese herbs. I’m most definitely feeling positive effects all around and am grateful to Ling Na for her expertise, quiet strength, and healing acupuncture. Thank you.”
– S. Arberg

Depression: getting more balance thanks acupuncture

“I have had anxiety and depression for the last 40 Years. The effects of acupuncture contribute to more balance in my life and brings my emotional strength up so that I have more energy to work through the highs and lows and stress of daily life.”
– R. Russell