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About Ling Na
LingNa Ersnt-Cheng, TCM Practicioner in Switzerland

Ling Na is Chinese but was born in Japan. Upon completing international high school in Tokyo,  she attended University in the United States where she studied Nutritional Sciences in Los Angeles.  Her second studies took her in a different direction. She moved to New York City and studied Interior Architecture,  and pursued her professional career in that field.

Subsequently, Ling Na moved to Switzerland after she met her Swiss husband. Whilst raising her family, her interest in Chinese medicine grew, inspired by her father, a renowned Sinologist and Chinese historian, and her mother, who used Chinese herbal therapies as everyday cures.

Ling Na returned to the United States where she completed her Master’s degree in Chinese Medicine in San Francisco, California in 2003 while working for two Chinese herbal pharmacies and obtained first hand experience. After graduation she ran her own practice there for four years.

In 2008, she returned to Switzerland and established her practice in Rapperswil-Jona, where she blends acupuncture and herbal therapies with dietary and life-style advice based on age-old Chinese philosophy.

She speaks English, German, French, Japanese and Mandarin.

Education / License:

Master Degree in TCM, California, USA, 2003
L.Ac. – Licensed Acupuncturist in California, 2004
NCCAOM – National acupuncture license, USA, 2004
SBO-TCM – Swiss Association of TCM, 2008

Professional Experiences:

Worked in 2 Chinese herbal pharmacies, California, 4 years
Owner, TCM Clinic, California, 4 years
Owner, TCM Clinic, Rapperswil-Jona, 2008 – present
Teacher of Continuing Education Courses, Schüle für Körpertherapie,
Zürich and Uzwil, 2009-2012

Member of:

TCM-Fachverband Schweiz
Alternative health insurance – EMR, Visana, EGK

Other Services:

Training for The Body Shop employees on new products, Zurich,2009

TCM practitioner at FIFA, Zurich, 2011-2012

Lectured Continuing Education Courses:

Chinese Herbology
6 Stagnations  and TCM Treatments
History of Chinese Medicine
TCM Diagnosis
Special Acupuncture Points and Combinations
Menstrual Disorders and TCM Treatments
Emotional Imbalances and TCM

LingNa Ersnt-Cheng, TCM Practicioner in Switzerland
Talks & Courses

“Gehirn Vitalität” ( Brain Health)
Talk, 18.05.2017, 18.30-19.30, Hotel Jacob, Rapperswil

“How to enhance your health by learning Simple Diagnostic Methods”
Seminar, 15. 11.2016, UBS Health Day, Zurich

“Staying in Balance, Increasing Energy Holistically”
Talk, 11.11,2016, Alexion, Zurich

“What Your Body Says About Your Health”
Talk, 13.11.2015 Fri,  Ignite Zurich, Zurich

“Increasing Energy and Vitality Holistically” Workshops
25.09, 30,09,02.10. 2014, 18.00-20.00, UBS WBN, Zurich

“Increasing Energy and Vitality Holistically”   Plenary(Lunch & Learn)

19.09.2014, Fri, 12.00-13.00, UBS WBN, Zurich

“Ancient Healing Secrets Revealed”
Talk, 08.06. 2013, Curious Course Day, Zurich

Pulse and Ear Diagnosis, 26.05.2013, Womens’ Expo, Zurich

“Minimizing the Impact of Stress on Health”
Talk,10.04. 2013, Thurs, 19.00-20-30,

Professional Womens Group, LOHAS, Zurich

“Chinesische Medizin für den Alltag” ( Chinese Medicine for Everyday)
Seminar, 22.09.12 Sa, 10-12.00, St. Gallerstr. 163 (Geschäfthaus Erlen)

“Why is Chinese Medicine so popular?”

Talk, 29.03.2012 Thuns, Kanton Zürich,

Fachstelle für Integrationfragen mit Zurich4You,

Zurich Development Center, Zurich

“Chinesische Arzneimittel” (Chinese Medicinal Herbs)
Continuing Education Course, 10.12.2011 Sa, 9.30-18.00  

Schule für Körpertherapie, Uzwil

“Femininity – Harmonized through Chinese Medicine”
Talk, 08.09.2011 Do, 19.00-21.00  Professional Womens’ Group,

LOHAS Group, Zürich

“Emotionelles Ungleichgewicht und TCM” ( Emotional Imbalances and TCM)
Continuing Education Course, 18.06.2011, Sa, 9.45-18.00

Schule für Körpertherapie, Uzwil

“World of Chinese Medicine”
Talk, 25.03. 2011 Mi, 17.00-18-00  American Womens’ Club, Zürich

“Chinese Medicine and its Principles”
Talk, 03.03. 2011 Mi 18.30-20.00 Professional Womens’ Group,

Asia Network Group, Zürich

Interview by Sabine van 't Hart, 2017
Holistic Health Coach and Nutritional Therapist. Specialized in sugar

rehab and emotional eating

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