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Chinese Herbs

The complex multi-faceted system of Chinese herbal medicine has been developed over two thousand years and the herbal formulas are used effectively to this day.

Each herb has its own properties: energy – cold, cool, warm, or hot; flavour- pungent, sweet, sour, salty, or bitter;  movement - upwards towards the head, downward towards the lower extremities, inward toward the zang-fu (internal) organs or outward towards the superficial regions of the body; and its related meridians to which it connects to.


There are eight treatment methods – sweating, draining downward, harmonizing, tonifying warming, clearing, reducing and vomiting. Vomiting method is rarely used today.

Utilizing unique ancient pulse diagnosis, alongside tongue diagnosis,

the herbs are carefully selected as a treatment modality.

“Chinese herbal substances are dependent on dimension of time and space. Authentic medicinal are particular about different growing regions and qi emanating the plant with its properties…When one uses molecular biology to advance development of Chinese medicinal herbs, one actually loses all unique and important characteristics of the herbs – such as 5 flavors, quality of raising, sinking and floating. 
Medicinal properties of chinese herbs are experienced in an interchange with life.“

  ~ Medical Director of Beijing Tong Ren Tang

(Chinese pharmaceutical company founded in 1669)

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