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Qi Gong

Qi Gong, which literally means “breathing exercises”, is a science of cultivating the body’s internal energy, Qi. In ancient China, Qi Gong was practiced for curing diseases and improving health.

With Qi Gong movements combined with breathing, it restores vitality and build up disease resistance, as well as strengthening one’s immunity to diseases, conserves energy and massages abdominal cavity to aid digestion and absorption.

There are three essential aspects to Qi Gong: regulation of body posture, regulation of respiration and regulation of mind. 


Calming your mind, with slow movements and breathing, you can override the sympathetic or stress response, and put you on the parasympathetic restorative , relax and healing state. During the calm state, Qi Gong promotes blood flow throughout the body, calms the heart rate, the digestive organs can function properly and the lungs can breathe deeply, giving you more internal energy.

Start with Video 1 then Video 2 for optimal results

Relax your body and mind.

With inhaling slowly through your nose, it relaxes smooth muscles of the blood vessels promoting blood and Qi circulation throughout the body, and opens the lungs airways for better breathing.

With inhaling slowly through your nose as you move your arms upward slowly and moving your neck, opens the neck for better blood and Qi circulation to your head. This Qi Gong movement allows circulation from head to toes and through extremities.


About Sigrid Naef (Instructor)


Sigrid has practiced Taiji and Qi Gong for over 20 years and runs a school called Taiji Rüti, for over 10 years where she teaches Taiji, Qi Gong and Kung Fu. For many years she had numerous intensive training by various renowned Chinese teachers from all over Europe and Indonesia.

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